The American Submission Wrestling Consortium is an open community of coaches and fighters that has been organized to represent the sports of submission grappling without the negative influence of the martial arts industry or political abuses of other for-profit organizations. ASWC provides a community for all those interested in the grappling arts to share and grow.

For the next three months, beginning 6/1/02 and ending 9/1/02, new members will be 'Grand-fathered' into the organization at both the member-athlete and associate coach levels without charge. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the initial stages of this organization and participate in its growth. Below you find a scan of the free certificate available with membership. Sorry, but we must charge $5 to cover production and shipping. We are also seeking area representatives throughout the United States.

More information will be presented here in the coming weeks, but if you would like more information on membership or ASWC coach certification please send e-mail to:

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Submission Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts by Bill Houser
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